Kalia is an accomplished composer, writing regularly for her own projects, as well as settings ranging from brass quartet to solo violin. She has been commissioned to write pieces for Tesla Quartet, The Westerlies, Metropolis Ensemble, Hats & Heels, Kings County Brass and more. Kalia has arranged for various artists, including Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter, Chet Lam. 

"Variation: Meditation" was commissioned and performed by Tesla Quartet for their project, Alternating Currents. Premiered July, 2020.

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Photo by Chris Longyne

"Sitting With It" was commissioned and performed by violinist, Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim and premiered by Metropolis Ensemble in December, 2020.

"Calling Me Back Home" was commissioned and performed by The Westerlies for Westerlies Fest 2021.

"Maunawili" was commissioned by Hats + Heels Duo for their "Women Are..." Commissioning Project. Accompanying movement and performance by Xenia Mansour.